Harvest Home

Santa Monica, CA

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Accepts men
Accepts Pets
Men sleep in same area as women
Accepts children
Restrictions on children
under 5 years of age
How long can I stay?
Up to six months after birth


Harvest Home is a Los-Angeles-based residential program providing housing support and programs to pregnant women who are experiencing homelessness.

First Step: The Venice Home
All residents begin at our Step One home where pregnant women stay for 30-60 days and participate in case management, therapy and programming to assess their short-term needs and set plans for lasting stability.

Second Step: The Pico Home
After 60 days, residents take their new steps--to other housing or to our Step 2 Home. At the Pico Home, pregnant women and new moms participate in our transitional program designed to fully equip and empower women to establish long term stability and transition out of homelessness by participating in case management, therapy and educational classes. Women can participate in the program up to 6 months after birth.

Alumnae Program: After completion of Harvest Home's Pico Program, women may participate in our Alumnae Program which provides ongoing case management and support, events, and access to resources such as diapers.

Harvest Home's Focus Areas include:
Financial Independence: Education completion, employment, financial literacy, credit repair/budgeting.
Emotional/Mental Health: Individual/group therapy, therapeutic parenting support group
Care for Her Child: Pregnancy, childbirth/infant care classes, Mommy and Me. Instruction provided by doulas, child birth educators, infant care specialists, and therapists.
Physical Health: Nutrition/fitness, sexual health, and self-care.
Spiritual Health: Support for each woman's spiritual journey, mentors, weekly Bible study.

Intake Requirements

Interested women start the intake process by completing the online application (https://www.harvesthomela.org) or by calling the intake line (310-452-1223 and press "5" when prompted. The process continues with a phone and in-person interview.

Eligibility requirements include:
Currently homeless, soon to be homeless, or living in an unsafe environment;
Pregnant, 30 weeks or less; (if 30 weeks there may be additional program requirements);
18+ years;
Proactively pursuing sobriety and managing mental health concerns;
Applicants must be committed to engaging in programming and services, proactively work on a productivity plan (which includes 20 hours of work or education weekly) and be willing to live in a structured communal environment (including drug testing and background checks).

Food Services

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Educational Services

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Other Services

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Contact Information

2118 Wilshire Blvd. PMB 358
Santa Monica, CA