The National Women’s Shelter Directory is a powerful national directory of women’s homeless shelters from across the country. We provide a holistic view of options for women with lived homelessness, and we highlight the work of those who serve them, to prevent and bring an end to homelessness.


A world of racial, social and gender equity, free of violence against women and children, where every woman and child will have a safe home and in times of transition, a trauma-informed safe haven with deep protective factors, to assure they can heal, grow, thrive and blossom into who they are meant to be.


To advance the status of women and children experiencing homelessness in our country and to bring an end to homelessness. The National Women’s Shelter Directory does so by providing high-level search capabilities to find the best haven for each woman and her children. In doing so, we aim to place every woman with lived homelessness into a safe place.


Women’s homeless shelters are the last resort and final safety net for the most vulnerable in our country, traumatized women and children of little to no means, many with unmet medical and mental health needs and multiple layers of victimization from childhood to adulthood, struggling to survive, heal, learn, grow and thrive, keep their families intact and alive, and all too often fleeing domestic or intimate partner violence. The National Women’s Shelter Directory offers a robust database of information about shelters across the country, as the first step to identify a home and to reach safety.